Business Incubator

Know any women searching for a post-motherhood identity that balances self-integrity, family and meaningful work? Key word is “meaningful.” Having a child ironically gives you a greater desire to contribute to the world’s improvement yet less clout, time and earning power to effect it. Being a mother is often a career and identity game changer for a woman. So what’s the magic formula? We know there’s a way. HackerMoms is piloting a new business incubator so we could find it together.

We offer workshops and programs to support moms in career transition. Sessions like Moms in Transition: Career & Money, Designing Your Writing Life as a Mom, Hacking Self-publishing and Social Media Hand-holding are among are our most well-attended by the local community. Workshops are driven by members seeking to blend a creative life and entrepreneurship in a long-term, family-friendly path that satisfies the spirit.

Failure Club is used by entrepreneurial members to invent products, change careers, start businesses, make money and learn new fields in a safe space that encourages failing. Risk and failure is practically the definition of a healthy creative life. Our business projects include HeartCar, a HackerMoms collaboration to redesigning the car for moms and kids, and HackerMoms 2.0. This entrepreneurial taskforce is researching legal structures, revenue models and business strategies for the next phase of our organization – and picking up business school skills along the way. Mothership HackerMoms itself is an experimental enterprise to be tested, played with and hacked into the future.