Beekeeper Mask

Got a child who can’t or won’t wear a traditional cloth mask? Need someone to be able to read lips or see your whole face while also being safe? Below you will find both video and printed instructions for this new type of mask. The pattern can be adjusted to fit either a child or an adult.

It uses a combination of a medical face shield, Velcroed to a cloth bib that is in turn attached to a sun-hat. This allows the whole thing to be slipped on & off as needed. The face shield can be detached as necessary to be cleaned with a clorox wipe and the cloth and hat portion can be sent through the laundry like a cloth mask. The face shield can be replace if it becomes warped or damaged.

Download all the portions of the pattern below. There’s the directions as well as printable pattern pieces as needed.

Click here to see the how-to video!